• Gold: 1,610.53 -3.58
  • Silver: 14.49 0.01
  • Euro: 1.085 0.000
  • USDX: 100.104 0.628
  • Oil: 24.85 3.7

Investors Turn Sour on Silver in Worst Losing Streak Since 1983

Tuesday, March 17th

"The white metal, used in solar panels, jewelry and electronic components, is down 28% in the past eight sessions, the worst streak since 1983, as the coronavirus disrupts global economic activity, weakening consumption of industrial raw materials. The demand outlook is worsening at a time when silver already facing oversupply."

READ MORE: https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/investors-turn-sour-on-silver-in-worst-losing-streak-since-1983-1.1407654

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