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  • Silver: 14.43 -0.05
  • Euro: 1.086 0.001
  • USDX: 100.099 0.623
  • Oil: 24.76 3.61

Silver Bullion - The Most Undervalued Asset In The World Today?

Mark O'Byrne
Monday, February 24th

Silver bullion is set to outperform gold and vastly over valued risk assets of stocks and bonds in the coming years

The record nominal high of $50 in 1980 and again in 2011 will likely be seen in the next two years

In the same way you dollar, pound, euro etc cost average to acquire your silver bullion holdings; you should dollar cost average your reduction in allocations in the coming years

It may be prudent to sell some of your holdings at around $48/oz, some at around $90/oz, at around $135/oz etc. and re balance into gold or other assets

This only applies to those many silver bullion buyers who are overweight and have a large allocation to silver - say over 10% or 20%

Investors with small allocations of closer to 5% should only sell a small amount if the price goes parabolic or if they need the cash in a crisis for day to day expenses or needs

All investors should have a core financial insurance allocation to gold and silver coins and bars; Avoid digital gold, platform gold and gold tokens

Popular and liquid bullion formats should be taken possession of and also stored in liquid, secure storage in their own country and at least one other safe jurisdiction

Zurich remains the most liquid and safest places in the world to own gold and silver coins and bars

Mark, Stephen and the GoldCore team

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